20 years of professional analysis of magnetite production experience, focusing on the production of elutriation magnetic separator


Shijiazhuang Jinken Technologies Co., Ltd. is the largest professional manufacturer of DESLIMING ELUTRIATION COLUMN REPLACEMENT in China, at the moment the company has more than 180 employees, in which there are 16 with doctor and master degree, 12 with senior engineer title, forming a complete system of product development, manufacturing, sales and technical service. The company now has 11 national invention patents and patents of utility model, involving maglev mineral separating technologies, measuring technologies of weight percentage concentration of solid particles, magnetic valve technologies etc. In which the Automatic Desliming Elutriation Columnswhich is independently has been identified by experts and reaches advanced level domestically and internationally. In addition, it realizes the large scale of DESLIMING ELUTRIATION COLUMN REPLACEMENT, the processing quantity of a single equipment can reach as more as 100 t/h. Our products are widely used in domestic and foreign magnet mines, and achieved significant results in increasing quality and reducing impurities, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The products of the recently developed automatic maglev series combining the features of the Automatic Desliming Elutriation Columnsand the Maglev Separating Column, have a better advantage for shedding impurities such as P, S, Si etc. from ore concentrate.

The company passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System and the CE certification. All aspects of the design, pilot scale experiment, manufacturing, installation etc. strictly implement the relevant standards. The company covers an area of 34,000 square meters, has national contracting qualification of installing projects of electrical and mechanical equipment. The branch plant of electric control of the company is responsible for manufacturing related electric controlling equipment. All the products pass the national CCC mandatory certification. The experimental plant of mineral separation has a complete set experimental equipment of mineral grinding and separation and various types of instruments, it is capable to provide with free of charge the experiment of sorting capability of iron ores to customers, and configuring reasonable and advanced processing flow.

The Automatic Panning Magnetic Separators manufactured by Shijiazhuang Jinken Technologies Co., Ltd. are promoted and applied in the major mines and successfully enter the international market. Currently the Automatic Desliming Elutriation Columnsas the grade controlling equipment of concentrating operation of iron ores with largest selling volume in China, there are more than 700 sets on service in the production lines, and at the absolute leading position in the market. Domestically and internationally, the largest column type DESLIMING ELUTRIATION COLUMN REPLACEMENT used in the production lines is the CH-CXJ34000 Automatic Desliming Elutriation Columnsmanufactured by our company, the equipment not only with the high level of automation, large processing capacity, but also its technological indexes are far more than surpassing similar products. The Automatic Panning Magnetic Separators have achieved great success for the applications inLebria bong mining CITIC PACIFIC MINING, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd. (HBIS), Shougang Mining Corp. (SHOUGANG GROUP), Maanshan Iron and Steel Company Limited(MA STEEL), Wuhan Iron and Steel Company Limited (WISCO), Sinosteel shandong mining co., LTD),  Baogang(Group) Mining Co.,Ltd.  (BAOGANG GROUP), Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. Mining Company (TISCO), Dahongshan Iron Mine of Kunming Iron and Steel (Kunming Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.), XINJIANG BA YI IRON AND STEEL CO., LTD, Angang Group Mining Company(AnYang Iron & Steel Inc), BENXI IRON & STEEL(GROUP)CO.,LTD., JIANLONG GROUP and the mines of Chengde of Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, northwest of Hubei, Liaoning etc. which are difficult to separate 。The Automatic Panning Magnetic Separators are also being highly praised by the major designing institutes, in a number of large mining projects it is designated by the Employers and being directly designed in and chosen to use.