ICS’s growing line of industrial cutting systems includes gas, hydraulic, and pneumatic powerheads, guide bars, and our patented diamond chains for concrete, utility pipe, stone, and masonry work.

Concrete Chainsaw

Use a Concrete Chainsaw for Difficult Construction Projects

Typically, you’d expect a chainsaw to cut through softer material such as wood. However, a concrete chainsaw can cut through various types of rock and stone. These tools are more robust than traditional chainsaws and use a diamond-coated ICS chainsaw chain that you cool with water. The water is essential to dissipate the chain’s heat while cutting, and it helps to wash away the dust of the material you’re cutting. If you’re looking for a quality concrete chainsaw and accessories, Austech Supplies has a wide range of tools that will expedite the completion of your project.

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How to Use a Concrete Cutting Chainsaw

You’ve acquired either a ICS Petrol or Hydraulic saw and need to put it to work on your construction project. You must take specific steps to ensure that the chainsaw and the chains are in good shape for the next project.

  • Before you start the chainsaw, inspect the engine and ensure there is enough fuel. Check if the chain tension is sufficient as a diamond chain shouldn’t sag, nor should you tighten it too much that you can’t move it manually. The safety features on the chainsaw are essential, so it would be great to see the chain brake, mud flap, and slurry baffle in working condition. As you know, water supply is crucial for the chain, and it should have a pressure of 20psi and a flow rate of four litres per minute. Clear all obstructions, including pipelines and electrical connections and always wear a proper helmet with a face shield, ear muffs, gloves, and steel-tip shoes.
  • After conducting your pre-checks, you can get ready for the cut. First, use a marker to draw an outline on the concrete, which will assist you as a guide when you cut. You can score the outline with the guide bar and go approximately 1.5 inches into the surface. It’s advisable to make the initial cut along the outline before cutting through, as this guarantees a better finish. Additionally, always cut from the bottom first, then the top and finally the sides.
  • The final step of this process is to cut through the concrete. Use the plunge cutting method along the pre-cut outline, pushing the guide bar through at full throttle. The chain should come out the other side. When you’re cutting, you can use some force to feed the chainsaw through the concrete but take care not to push too hard as you could reduce the RPM. Once you’re done, be careful when handling the piece of concrete.


Benefits of Using an ICS Concrete Chain Saw

If you frequently work with concrete and need to cut through it, you should understand the benefits that await you when you acquire a concrete chainsaw.

  • These chainsaws can cut deeper than any other concrete cutting tool. The guide bar is critical in using this advantage since the tool’s power is at its tip. As a result, you can cut off concrete slabs in minimal time. Conversely, circular saws allow you to cut to a certain depth without giving you the freedom to push through.
  • Sometimes, a project may require you to cut odd shapes in the concrete. Only a concrete chainsaw can help you cut various patterns, whether a square, rectangle or an irregular shape; it’s possible with this tool.
  • If you need to cut holes in the concrete, these chainsaws allow you to cut holes of varying widths. You can use the machine’s tip to cut tiny holes with a small diameter. This feature is ideal when you need to push cables through a wall.


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