3M Scotch-Brite Scuffing Disc 150MM MEDIUM ( MAROON )-10/box

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  • Scotch Brite Scuffing Disc offers a quick and easy solution for machine scuffing automotive finishes before painting
  • Versatile selection of grades and minerals to ensure operators find the right disc for their specific application
  • Open web is load resistant, preventing abrasive from getting clogged with debris and prolonging service life
  • Nylon fibers in open web won’t splinter or rust, providing a great alternative to steel wool abrasives
  • Nylon fibers are flexible and respond to surface irregularities without compromising part geometry
  • Hookit™ backing for easy attachment to hook-and-loop backup disc pad (sold separately) and easy fastening to a random orbital sander


Our Scotch-Brite™ Scuffing Disc delivers a fast, consistent scuff for everyday surface preparation. It is ideal for cleaning parts and scuffing prior to staining and painting. The sharp-cutting mineral and load-resistant web renders this disc a versatile tool for any workshop.

Springy Fibers Adapt to the Part

The open-web construction of our Scotch-Brite™ Scuffing Disc combines durability for long life, flexibility for reaching tight areas, and can be used in place of steel wool for conditioning metal surfaces and paint prep. It’s a great alternative to steel wool, because it won’t rust or splinter during use, thereby prolonging abrasive life and preventing operator discomfort .The buoyant and flexible nylon fibers respond to surface irregularities and quickly abrade the surface without damaging the base material.

Hookit™ Backing for Easy Tool Attachment

The Hookit backing on Scotch-Brite™ Scuffing Disc has a scrim layer comprised of tiny loops. These loops conveniently and firmly attach to a hook-and-loop backup disc pad (sold separately).The pads are fastened to a random orbital sander and can be removed cleanly and easily and re-used again and again for the extent of the abrasive life.

Available in a Variety of Grades

Our Scotch-Brite™ Scuffing Disc comes in variety of minerals and grades and is color-coded by grade. These colors are intended to help operators who may use more than one disc reduce the risk for selecting the wrong grade and sanding in error. A very fine (VFN) grade scuffing disc with aluminum oxide mineral performs similar to steel wool grade 0. It is highly conformable with a high cut rate and is great for applications like paint prep on wood finishes. An ultra fine (ULF) grade with silicon carbide performs similar to steel wool grade 00. It is also highly conformable and provides exceptional finishes on wood and metal.

The Many Benefits of Open Web Abrasives

Nonwoven technology makes our Scotch-Brite™ industrial abrasives unique. A combination of fiber strands, resin, and abrasive mineral forms a thick, open web. The spring-like nature of the fibers responds to contours and effectively removes unwanted burrs, soils, and contaminants while maintaining the geometry of the workpiece, which in turn reduces rework and boosts productivity. Gaps in the web allow swarf to escape, so debris does not clog the mineral. Fibers in the web continually break down with use to reveal fresh mineral for exceptional consistency, superior cut performance, and extremely long service life. Scotch-Brite product may enhance productivity while reducing the need for cleaning chemicals and wire brushes. From aesthetic finishing to weld blending, deburring, and more, Scotch-Brite abrasives work fast and deliver consistent results, part after part.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 25 cm


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